The Secret to a Passionate Life: Follow in Your Mentor’s Footsteps!

» Posted by on Jan 7, 2012

I Did Not Give In Because He/She Would Not Let Me Give In.



So you want to jump start your career, love life or increase your personal satisfaction by living a passionate life but not sure how to do it? If you admire Steve Job’s ability to take his passion and turn it into a global empire or wish you could speak publicly with as much confidence and excitement as the CEO of your company, you’re not alone. And, the great news is, living a life out of passion is reachable.

So, what’s the secret? Finding a mentor that’s achieved the kind of passionate life you strive for.


Your Ordinary – But Extraordinary – Mentor

If you’re prideful about following another’s steps to success, don’t be. The greatest inventions in the world haven’t been without the help of other’s before them. Elvis didn’t just come up with the legendary hit, Hound Dog by himself. He relied on the help of those passionate musicians before him, the blues artists of the Harlem Renaissance – normal, everyday African-American’s who used music as a way to escape from their dire, slavery imposed circumstances.  Mentors come from all walks of life, which is why it’s so important to be on the lookout for yours! Find a mentor and live a passionate life as they do!


1. No More Excuses.

We can’t help it. No matter how much passion we may have for playing the drums, writing children’s books or trying new and eclectic foods, we need to express ourselves. But, whether we have a microcosm of passion or constant, daily passion for what we love to do, our ‘real life’ can get in the way. Paying the bills, working our routine 9-5 job and caring for our families can leave us feeling like there is literally no time left to work on our ‘passion projects’. We were born to write, but we can’t, life won’t let us, we need to sleep. No more excuses!


2. They Hold Us Accountable.

One of the biggest benefits of a mentor is their ability to hold you accountable for your actions. Consider seeking out a local mentor (as opposed to a world traveling famous one) that you can personally interact with and generate the change in your life that you crave. Have you always dreamt of being a motivational speaker? Join your local toastmaster’s group and find an experienced speaker in your group you can learn from. Ask him/her questions about their experience, what they’ve learned, what they can possible teach you about motivating groups of people.


3. They’ll Act As Your Cheerleader.

Everyone needs encouragement, regardless of age or experience. A mentor can be the perfect ‘cheerleader’ to root you on, praise you when you achieve your goal or just be there to give encouraging words of wisdom when you’re lacking the luster to press forward.


4. They Encourage As No One Else Can.

Developing an ongoing relationship with a mentor in your town or city has many benefits, with a main one being their ability to encourage you in a face-to-face setting. Arrange a meeting with your mentor when you’re finding it difficult to move past your comfort level, reject the negative attention you’ve received about your latest book proposal or just doubt your ability to make those passionate dreams of yours come true. A mentor can and is often the driving force of your success.


5. They’ll Warn You About Their Pitfalls and Failures.

There isn’t a great artist, athlete or President that succeeded without the help, encouragement and enthusiasm of a mentor to motivate them along the way. A mentor can not only motivate you but teach you what they’ve learned that can often make or break your success. If you’re idea of a passionate life is being a travel blog writer, reach out to a professional who’s already accomplished it. What did they learn that helped them go from local journalist to world traveler? How did they get employed with Lonely Planet as one of their top writers? What did they learn about effective journalism and how to convey interesting content to their audience about traveling to Tokyo or Fiji?


Soak up as much information as you can about your mentor’s experience, knowledge and insights. You’ll live a passionate life in no time at all, and with your mentor to thank for it. Insist on passion by doing what you love and you won’t ever go wrong.


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