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My deepest wish for you is that you make the very most of your life.


y deepest wish for you is that you make the very most of your life, and with that in mind, I’ve created this site dedicated to offering people from all walks of life valuable tips for self-improvement.


Hi! my name is Nigel Huang and the author of this site.


I must admit, life really is not easy.  But, without difficulties, how can we come to appreciate all the best in life?  Just as we could never appreciate bright colors without shades of grey, we cannot understand how precious love really is until our hearts have been broken.  Were we not to fall and fail, we might never appreciate the magnificence of our successes.


What’s It All About?


This blog is all about finding the gifts life delivers each day in the form of valuable lessons.  By sharing honestly, being open minded, and learning from our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, we enhance the quality of our lives by responding in the best way possible.  Here, you can do more than just read about my experiences. You can apply the lessons I have learned  and make your daily life better as a result.


Journey to Success With Me 

I began writing this blog as a coping mechanism during a period in my life when I experienced a horrific breakup with my fiancée.  Back then, I felt like a failure.  I had lost all sense of direction in my life, and the first few blogs I wrote were all about my struggle to prevent myself from drowning in a pool of emotional sorrow.


I turned the out-of-control train of negativity around and began to focus on life’s more positive aspects.  I stopped struggling and began to share the way in which inspirational quotes resonated with me.  Soon, my blog began to attract like-minded readers, and all of a sudden, people – myself included – were experiencing positive changes in many areas of their lives.


Today, I share insight on many subjects.  Everyone is interested in at least one of my areas of expertise; for example, I provide insight on dating, breakups, depression, and the benefits of exercise.


Share My Achievements

Throughout my life, I searched fruitlessly for the “Holy Grail” of happiness, until one day I discovered that happiness begins within the self.  This was only the first of many achievements I share.  Others include:

  • Handling upset quickly, getting over negative emotions, and not allowing them to affect me.


  • Helping others discover passion in life as I have discovered mine.


  • Achieving financial success and confidence by uncovering the truth about money.


  • Appreciating myself.  Spending time alone is something to be embraced just as much as time spent with friends and loved ones is to be valued.


  • Choosing the right friends, instead of constantly seeking validation from people.  By selecting my friends carefully, I experience constant personal growth.  You can do the same.


  • Appreciating what I have.  Why spend times wanting things you don’t have, when you can spend time appreciating the things you do have? This is one of the most valuable lessons I have to share.


  • Enjoying a healthy lifestyle, with the aid of exercise and the foods that are best for me.


  • I believe in myself, have faith in myself, make informed decisions, and stick to them.  No one has the power to prevent me from reaching my goals.


  • Fear no longer rules my life, and that’s perhaps the greatest of my achievements.  When you eliminate irrational fear, you open your life to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m not a professional psychiatrist, nor am I a psychologist – far from it.  Instead, I’m a regular guy.  What separates me from the rest is that I have managed to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges in my life, and I have made the decision to share all I’ve learned with you, in hopes that when life hands you those inevitable sour lemons, you seize the opportunity to make sweet lemonade with them. Better yet, I want you to learn how to “share” the lemonade you make, to people who haven’t learned how to make lemonade for themselves.


Are you ready to transform your life? Read on, and prepare to amaze yourself with the power you hold within.

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  1. Hi,
    I am Adenita. I am from Indonesia. I like your website. I will sure to read all your articles.
    I just begun my blog again since I learned a lot about self development,
    attraction, etc. I felt like I reborn from negativity to positivity mind. It feel greats.


    PS: please reply to this email. adenita@gmail.com

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