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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Love is not a desire for beauty; it is a yearning for completion. ~ Octavio Paz

Posted by on May 11, 2012

Do you love someone because she has a cute face, or because he has such a bubble butt? Most people get confuse between love and attraction. Love isn’t just about their physical asset are but if they make you a better person and complete you.



What Are Obstacles?

Posted by on Apr 28, 2012

She may not be here on earth but she will always remain buried in my heart

Posted by on Nov 13, 2010

They are cute, cuddly and full of energy… well some of them. It amazes me how a dog can teaches you so much about friendship, loyalty, understanding and most important .. love.


I was told the sad news that my dog (long story, but I claim it as my dog) had passed away. She lived a really good long life, and I was relieved to hear she passed away peacefully.


Before I met her, my feelings towards animals was just that. It was a hierarchical chain that put us on top of them and to tell you the truth, when I first met her, I wasn’t fond of her and the feeling was mutual. But as time went our relationship became stronger.


She would be the first to greet me when I came home, stayed by me while I read and be by my side when I was bedridden with sickness. But over all she was happy to see me regardless, which had taught me about unconditional love in life.


When I scolded her, she will go off into a corner and pretend to be doing a serious reflection on herself and then after a while comes back for forgiveness. When she was being scolded by my partner, she would run and hide behind me seeking protection.


The connection you have with a dog is much deeper than you would with any human. The non verbal communication that lies between you and your dog is in a form of action, in which I felt from her everyday.


My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. She may not be here on earth but she will always remain buried in my heart as she was my dog, my love, my life.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Posted by on Nov 3, 2010

Being human we have a natural of being a bit lazy so we love to bitch about those things we can’t change only because we know we won’t have to do anything about them.


You can’t change who your parents are, you can’t change the actions of other people (you may have tried), but you can change yourself and the way you respond to the things you have no control over.


We tend to ignore our situation until we hit our limits. For me working a corporate 9 to 5 job felt like I was creating other peoples dreams, verses my own. For others it is bearable and so every day they wake up and drag themselves to work not because they want to, but because they are not feeling the “pain”.


So I believe the key to adjusting your sails, is to move into action sooner, not later when you hit a crisis point in your life. (I’ve been there because of procrastination)


Whether you like it or not you are slowly changing every day for the good or the bad it is up to you.


Why not make the change a good change instead?


We live in a world where we want overnight success or quick fixes, like the magic pill which will lose fat without the hard work of exercises, the get rich quick scheme that will make us millionaires. Why do so many people put all their hope into a lottery ticket?


Don’t be the person who is looking for quick solution to things. Sometimes it’s the journey that matters not the results. You don’t see many filthy rich guys just sitting around waiting to die (unless they are really really old). They are out there trying to make more because it isn’t about the money but the journey.


Instead take time to build up your skills in what every you think that you need and focus on one at a time.

Building a Better You!

Successful people are successful because they form the habits of doing those things that failures don’t like to do.

Posted by on Nov 1, 2010

Firstly, highly successful people focus on one BIG thing. Too often, we get caught up in our daily routine and we forget our dreams, or we forget to take action on them. We do our work, make phone calls, pay the bills, and day after day we take no action and make no real movement toward our major goals. That is not a plan for success!


We humans are far more interesting, more exciting, and more productive when we are in love with a dream! Focus on moving toward just one BIG dream seems to be the key to excitement, to passion, and ultimately to our success!


Strive to do something BIG! See it, taste it, schedule it, and plan for it with all your heart. You don’t need to do it all in a day! Have a dream that is big enough to be worthy of you, big enough to astonish you, and then take action to go after it.


Second, do one small thing everyday. Highly achievers do lots of small, simple things different than the rest of us.


Extremely successful people laugh more. They notice the breeze in the air, the colour of the sky, the humor in life. They notice the people around them, and they smile a lot. They stay relaxed and carry themselves with confidence. Often, they read more than other people, and they say “No” to distractions, and they take time to enjoy life.


The third key to success is doing one thing extremely well. It’s not enough to throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks. It’s not enough, especially during tough economics times, to merely do the job.


Success is not about being busy, or working hard, or doing the same things over and over, hoping for different results.


Success is the result of pursuing something that is bigger than life, something that makes life worthwhile. It is the “side-effect” of being caught up in a passion that you pursue everyday, step by step, until you see the results. Successful people don’t wait for a big break, or for better circumstances. They take useful action everyday.


And, finally, success is in the details. It’s in the quality of our work; it’s in the performance of small duties and little extras. Success is doing one thing and doing it with pride and character.


Success is in the quality of our lives, it’s in the quality of the things we do, every single day.

Procrastination is like masturbation. At first it feels good, but in the end you’re only screwing yourself.

Posted by on Oct 29, 2010

I had stumbled on to this quote while procrastinating and had to share it. It’s a bit vulgar for some but is so true.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Posted by on Oct 26, 2010

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

As I was walking around the city, the sun was shining and smiles lit up everywhere. “beep! You’ve got mail” .. As I opened and read it, my heart sank and tears started to swell in my eyes. That moment my head was spinning so fast, nothing made sense and nothing really cared.


What was in that email that caused this emotional stir? My close friend’s mother had passed away and for that moment I felt a personal lost. There wasn’t a word that could describe the feeling. It was a moment where time just stood still as my emotion consumed me.


To me she had felt like my own mother and her memories was not remembered by days, but by the moments I had with and off her. She was an amazing woman, working with her husband in their company and being a great mother to 5 children.


She made me feel like part of the family, gave me love like my own mother would, and the feeling that everything was all right by her presence.


Oh… let’s not forget about her cooking. One word that Barney Stinson sums it up “Legendary”. One of the many things I always look forward to seeing her.


But overall I had the privileged to have met one of the most fantastic women, who I would have been proud to call “mother”, and it deeply saddens me that I couldn’t have been there to say goodbye but I will always cherish the great memories of her and knowing she still lives on because a mother’s heart is always with her children.

Depression is the inability to construct a future

Posted by on Oct 21, 2010

Depression is a bitch word to hear, as sadness and a sense of lost is instill into it. We have all been through this feeling and know the side effects that it can cause. Though there are many things that can causes depression and one of them is a lack of direction.


For example how often do we hear people that are depress because they don’t enjoy working their 9 to 5 jobs anymore. The passion isn’t there or was never there and continues because it “pays the bill”. But depression starts because they don’t see themselves getting out of that vicious cycle.


Being depress because of this is just being human, we want our lives to mean something, to be acknowledge and appreciated.


Here is an article called “Setting Realistic Goals to Overcome Depression” which gives helpful steps in creating, planning and rewarding your goals.


As for me, what I’m look forward to the future is creating a possibility to inspire people by taking the first step and creating this site to share my thoughts and feelings, because without that possibility.. there is no purpose.


Peace Out!

Character can be adjusted even in the most negative situation

Posted by on Oct 5, 2010

If we are the type of person that forgives and forgets, if we are the type of person that holds grudges, if we are the type of person that walks away and doesnt deal with the situation, even though that is our character it can be adjusted in the most negative situation.


Our view on the situation is what changes, what can be adjusted is that is we can forgive and forget what the person has done, we can move forward with the situation positively, instead of walking away then we can deal with it and invest time in it to fix.


We will know when it is received well, we will know if they dont received it well, we will know if we have the opportunity to fix or not. Either way we have adjusted character to be give the situation the best chance possible.